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Dr. Hua Sun
Advisory Board Member

Dr. Sun has vast global experience in agricultural engineering, food science, global business development, and R&D. He has worked in the United States and China for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and government patent offices. His expertise goes beyond the laboratory with 30+ years of practical experience.

Outside of HempGrid, Dr. Sun serves as President and COO for North America Green Pulp, Inc. He is an inventor and patent holder for enzymatic processing technology for converting crop straws into pulp for use in packaging, focusing on reducing single-use plastics. For his effort and accomplishments in this field, Dr. Sun was the Minnesota Cup Finalist in 2018.

In addition, Dr. Sun is also Executive Partner of USS International Group, LLP. He developed a commercial process for Bushmills Ethanol Inc. for sustainable energy supply from thin stillage. Dr. Sun has been deeply involved in renewable energy from biomass in China and the USA, including cornstalk anaerobic digestion and bio-coal from agricultural and forest wastes.

Dr. Sun is fluent in English, Chinese, and conversational German and has dual citizenship.

Dr. Sun obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Shandong University of Technology, an MS in Biological & Agricultural Engineering from the University of Arkansas, and a Doctorate in Engineering from North Dakota State University.

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